The Forgotten Family par Beryl Matthews

The Forgotten Family par Beryl Matthews

Titre de livre: The Forgotten Family

Auteur: Beryl Matthews

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Beryl Matthews avec The Forgotten Family

A brand new, never before published, saga from Beryl Matthews Whitechapel, London 1890. Queenie Bonner is only two when she is taken from her large family in the slums to a big house in the country. She is frightened and confused, begging to be taken back, but she is told that this is now her home. She yearns for her nine brothers and sisters, especially Harry, who is her favourite. Albert and Mary Warrender rename her Eleanor and bring her up as their daughter. As time passes Eleanor forgets about her other family and loves Mary and Albert as her mother and father. But fifteen years later, when Mary dies, Albert tells her about the Bonners. With Albert's help, she sets about tracing her forgotten family. The search holds pleasure, distress and even danger as she discovers what has happened to her siblings over the years. Eight are traced, but one remains missing. There is no sign of Harry. She knows she will never rest until he is found. But where is he?